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                  Five Tigers of Dim Mak


Show No Shadow ~ Move Without Noise ~ Flow Like Water ~ Strike Like Deadly Ice



      The Five Tigers of Dim Mak:


  1. Tearing, Ripping, Destroying - Tendons, Ligaments and Muscles.
  2. Occluding (Restricting) the Blood.
  3. Occluding (Restricting) the Breath.
  4. Breaking, Shattering and Dislocating Bones.
  5. Attacking the Chi (Vital Life Force Meridians).


Many of the techniques taught in the Surgical Strike System of Shaolin Dim Mak will cause one or more of the above actions to take place. 

On an applied "Force Scale" of (1) through (10); the amount of force used on any given technique can cause a "Level One" Reaction such as pressure, control or slight pain - all the way to a "Level Ten" Reaction such as knockout, break, coma or death. All use of protective or counter force must be justified relative to the nature of the threat or the attack.


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