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Testimonials / Letters of Commendation


Due to the large number of testimonials and complementary letters received by The Bannon Institute regarding the Surgical Strike System™ of Shaolin Dim Mak - Kung Fu and the EFT Program, it is not possible to present all of them on this page. Below is a sample of some of those related testimonies, acknowledgements, comments, and letters.


Founder's Note:There are many teachers, martial artists, public servants, warriors, and other selfless givers to life in this world who have not received the honors, accolades, awards and recognition that I have gratefully been given over the years. Many of these "unknown heroes" are certainly more worthy and deserving of equal if not much greater recognition than I. For whatever reason, I was given the opportunities for this recognition that they were not given. I wish to acknowledge all of you here and now, and share these accolades with you. I am only the end result of my Creator's destiny for me, my life experiences, my martial arts ancestory, my students, and my respected instructors, who imparted their skills and a part of their spirit within me. Thank you all so very much. I remain your humble student for life.

I wish to also acknowledge my partners, fellow soldiers, students and officers who have been killed in the line of duty - some directly next to me. We fought side by side together - I lived but you did not. I do not know how to accurately explain these things except to continue to honor your lives by passing on the torch that you gave to me before you died. That I promise to you all I will continue to do.

To all my martial arts, military, private military contractor and law enforcement students - Many of you left my classroom one day and were on the battlefield in Afghanistan, Iraq and other parts of the world the next day. Some of you died and some of you were severely wounded while I lay safely in bed at night in Southern California while you are in a jungle or laying on the desert sand being shot at. Although I have paid my dues also - I pray that I had always given you my best and never left you short on anything. I wrestle in my mind everyday wondering if there was anything I could have taught you better or even done better myself when I was next to you. I'm still not sure. All I can do is thank you for your sacrifice and keep you alive in my future classes by passing on the lessons that your lives have taught me.  

I also wish to acknowledge all of the people I had to fight in many different types of streets, arenas and battlefields. Some for my life and some even unto death. Had I not been tested by you in this way - I would never have developed the ability and confidence to defeat you. Even you - served a purpose in my life and I am sure we will meet again in a better place and under much better terms.

Thank you, God, - my invisible partner and rear bodyguard throughout all the years of hell and extreme danger - Who never failed me once. You always had my back. But why me and not them Sir? For whatever reason - let my life continue to honor theirs and let my mission be to never let their great sacrifices be in vain. 

"There is no greater love - than a man who lays down his own life for a friend." I get it now. I now understand the depth of our oath to one another. Not just a bunch of words - but a soul level virtue. You all taught me this. Not only by how you lived - but how you died. There are no words - just revelation and enlightenment........... Thank you, my brothers, sisters, students and teachers.  

"Bless the Lord my immovable rock, who gives me strength and skill in battle, who trains my hands to war and my fingers to fight, kind and loving to me, my fortress, my tower of strength and safety, my deliverer. You stand before me as a shield; You subdue my people under me."


                                                                                                                 Psalm 144; King David 


    GM Joseph F. Bannon, Founder of Bannon Institute:

  • Founder – Xian Dai De Wushu / Modern Combat ™
  • Co-Founder - Evolutionary Fighting Tactics (EFT) ™
  • Co-Founder - TRIAD - The Martial Art of Mortal Combat ™
  • Founder - The Surgical Strike System™ of Dim Mak - Kung Fu ™



•   "Dear GM Bannon, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have attended your Dim Mak and Edged Weapons seminar. You have a great manner in your presentation of this very serious and ancient Chinese art. You have taken complex medical and scientific concepts of both Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as Western Allopathic Medicine, and combined them together ingeniously in a manner that someone with no medical or even martial arts background for that matter, can fully understand.

Your comical sense of humor and real-life experience at the highest levels of danger adds to the learning process a great deal. You have a concept of the martial arts that needs to be shared. I know that you have worked long and hard, but my friend, your art needs to be passed on. You have a gift that others would kill for. Anyone who missed the opportunity to attend this seminar missed a golden opportunity to experience your presentation. I would be honored if you would bring this art to our academy. Thank you again and Happy Holidays."

             Al  A. ~ Former CIA Operative


•   "Joe, thank you very much for the very lively, informative, and fun seminar. My whole family and I felt that this was one of those "don't miss" classes. We all left the seminar feeling confident, that should the need arise; we could defend ourselves without wasting "reaction time" or being "frozen" by the adrenaline shock. Your method of teaching "concept" as compared with "technique" is much more efficient and effective than worrying about stances, holds, etc; especially during those critical three-tenths of a second when an attack is either won or lost. I have, and will continue, to recommend this seminar to everyone, regardless of his or her fitness or training level. Thank you again."

             Dale L. ~  Former U.S. Secret Service Agent – Presidential Protection Detail


•   "Dear Grandmaster Bannon, I write you this letter in appreciation of your teachings in the United States of America. I have practiced Chinese martial arts since I was a young child who grew up in China. I was deeply honored that you understood so much about my culture and the arts of my Chinese Ancestors. I have been living in the United States since 1992 and am very disappointed and ashamed when I see all of these Karate, Gung Fu and so-called street fighting schools that water down the original art and market it as traditional. This is an insult to my culture and ancestry. For you being an American Gung Fu Teacher, my ancestors would have been much honored to meet you as I was. Thank you Dai Sifu Bannon."

             Daniel Chui Pak ~Master of Five Animal Style Gung Fu


•   "Dear Special Agent Bannon, thank you for sharing your perspectives with me. I appreciate knowing your views. My Administration has worked very hard to ensure that American’s have access to safe and effective medicine. My Administration strongly opposes certain California and Arizona drug legalization measures because they contradict our federal law and national drug control strategy. They disregard the medical and scientific process by which our nation evaluates and approves safe and effective medicines. And, most important, they send the wrong message to our children – undermining the efforts of parents, educators, law enforcement officers, elected leaders, and countless others who are working to ensure a healthy drug free society.

However, in response to anecdotal claims about marijuana’s medical benefits; the Office of National Drug Control Policy is funding a comprehensive research by the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine. The purpose of this study is to ensure that good science remains the basis of our drug control policy.

As we work to protect the health of children and our nation, I wish to thank you and I sincerely appreciate your interest in this matter. Your selfless effort regarding this issue is highly commendable.

             Bill Clinton ~ President of the United States of America ~ The White House


•   "Grandmaster Bannon, Having had a good deal of time (six weeks) to reflect on the seminar, I am truly amazed at the experience and how much I learned. Your teaching methods combined with your emphasis on the ‘concepts’ behind the physical aspects of the training gave me insights that have stayed with me as though the seminar was just yesterday. I learned more in one day than I have in weeks in the past. I especially enjoyed your sense of humor in teaching a very serious subject. Somehow your presentation manages to speak to all, regardless of their level of prior training. It was obvious and amazing to see students with little or no prior martial arts training ‘get it’ and apply it so quickly.

The seminar had a lot to offer those with more advanced training as well. My son and I both came away with an appreciation of learning how to apply the concepts of Dim Mak as well as edged weapon techniques and we thank you for a day very well spent. With Respect,"

             Tony C.       Executive Vice President /TV Producer

•   "GM Bannon. I have been an instructor for the military for the past 25 years. I say this with all sincerity. it was an honor to be your Spec-Ops student. You are by far the best teacher I have ever seen in my entire life. Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge with us."


 Colonel XXX ~ US Army Special Forces 


•   "Dear Joe and John, Thanks for the training and wealth of information you gave to me in your E.F.T Program in Long Beach. I’m only now realizing exactly how much I learned. The drills and training are to become a very important part of my life so too the philosophies you both shared with me. The Dim Mak points are ingrained in my mind and I am starting to visualize them. I have tried to find a school here to study Dim Mak but so far have had no luck. I have much respect for you both and would like to continue my training later this year as soon as I can again visit the United States from England. Again Thanks, and I wish you well in health and with your E.F.T Program, Cheers! Respectfully,"


 Mark H. ~
 International Student; Trinity International; United Kingdom


•   Mayoral Proclamation – "Be it resolved that I Gavin Newsom, Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco, California – on the occasion of Joe Bannon’s 50th birthday do hereby officially proclaim November 14, 2006 as “Joe Bannon Day” forever recorded in the archives of the City and County of  San Francisco, California."


 Mayor Gavin Newsom ~ City and County of San Francisco

•   Most Admired Man of the Decade Award1990 - 2000  Joseph F. Bannon is hereby awarded the title, "Most Admired Man of the Decade" by authority and registration of votes among the Board of International Research of the American Biographical Institute seated in the United States of America in acknowledgement and appreciation of his years of dedication, foresight and leadership that have influenced professions and communities."

             The American Biographical Institute ~Established 1967


•   Induction Letter into the United States Martial Artist Hall of Fame  "To all who shall see these presents, greetings: This is to certify that Joseph F. Bannon has been inducted into the United States Martial Artist Hall of Fame under the category of – Surgical Strike System "Shaolin Dim Mak" Grandmaster of the Year 2004," and was bestowed the Shaolin Dim Mak "Silver Lifetime Achievement Award" in the year 2005.

              Supreme Grandmaster William A. Rankin, 10th Dan Black Belt
              United States Martial Artist Association ~ International Director and Founder

•   Induction into the Action Martial Arts Magazine's Hall of Fame 2006 "Greetings Grandmaster Joseph F. Bannon. Congratulations, we take great pride and pleasure to inform you of your induction as an Ambassador to the Martial Arts into the largest and one of the most prestigious martial art halls of fame’s in the world, for your outstanding contributions to the martial arts as a Grand Master.


 Board of Directors ~ Action Martial Arts Magazine       
 Grandmaster L.J. Choi / Master Alan Goldberg


•   "To Joe Bannon – a good friend, a great cop, and an outstanding martial artist. You are still the greatest of all cops. With deep respect; Sincerely,"

             Commissioner Wayne Friday ~ San Francisco Police Commission



•   "The best learning skills of ‘facts’ and information I have ever seen in a martial arts class. There was so much to learn and it was a very great experience. Bless you all for this school. This experience meant so much to me in my life and I have a lot to look forward to. Thank you very much for every effort that you made to teach me."

             Muslima J. ~ Mother & Housewife


•   "GM Bannon, I can’t express how glad I am to have had the opportunity to attend your Surgical Strike Seminar but I’ll try. It stands at the top of a list of instruction - including special military and executive protection training that I have had the opportunity to receive during my lifetime. Your knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts, combined with your life experiences, were truly remarkable. Even more impressive was your ability to transfer years of experience and technique into simple concepts that anyone could comprehend, and more importantly, immediately apply. In addition, your command presence and speaking style kept me on the edge of my seat; this alone has compelled me to recommend your seminar to all my associates, so I will cc them on this along with your web address.Your references to the Yin ~ Yang and nature of the other side, i.e. the healing ways and peaceful options, made all the difference. Special thanks for that compassionate and insightful contrast to the instruction, it balanced the day perfectly, truly masterful. Sincerely,"

             James S. ~ Former United States MarineMarketing Manager


•   Exemplary Service Award "Presented to Special Agent – Tactical Commander Joseph F. Bannon for your extraordinary efforts, above and beyond the call of duty, in the coordination of the executive protection for the Attorney General, during the Democratic National Convention held in Los Angeles, California August 2000."

             Office of the Attorney General ~ Department of Justice


•   Veterans of Foreign Wars Award  "Be it known that Sergeant Joseph F. Bannon of the San Francisco Police Department is hereby recognized as having achieved first place in the Veterans of Foreign Wars – Department of California, National Exemplary Law Enforcement Officer Recognition Award 1994 – 1995." Signed:

             Department Adjutant Brett W. Davis / California State Capitol


•   Attorney General Commendation Award "The Department of Justice commends Officer Joe Bannon for his courage and his integrity. The law enforcement work that he has accomplished over the years is in the very best tradition of outstanding police work. He found serious criminal problems and, without regard to his own safety or interests, did whatever he had to do to focus sufficient resources on the problem. It is this mindset that allows the best of police officers to act unselfishly and unhesitatingly to do what is right without regard to what may be best for their career or what might be most politically correct.

Officer Joe Bannon is truly one of California State’s finest police officers. As Chief Law Officer of the State of California, it is a matter of considerable pride to know that Joe Bannon has chosen to serve the citizens of this state and nation as an officer of the law.

Please know that Officer Joe Bannon is held in the highest esteem by the men and women of the Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Justice who have worked with him over the years. Sincerely,"

             Daniel E. Lungren ~ Attorney General of the State of California


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