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The Philosophy That Drives Our Training


The Surgical Strike System of Dim Mak Gung Fu was developed by GM Joseph Bannon in an effort to make all martial arts more efficient and to restore the hidden techniques and nuances of the Ancient Masters who had great understanding of Energy Medicine, as well as Chi Manipulation, Destruction and Redirection.

It is the philosophy of Bannon Institute to always teach that the best martial art is the one that YOU can make work for YOU at the time YOU need it the most. The name of the art is applicably unimportant (other than tradition and lineage). The only true judge of any combat martial art is the Law of Physics and Medical Science; not the origin -  With All Due Respect.

Formula = Applied Force + Contact to a Vulnerable Area on the Body = Medical Consequence / Spontaneous Reaction.

The deeper this formula is understood by the Martial Artist (Combatist); coupled with the ability to deflect or survive an initial attack; overcome the opponent's guard; and apply correct directional force to a vital point on the opponent's body or spirit (Shen). 

Within the Surgical Strike System is a concept referred to as Brain Fighting.

In essence; we attack the Brain - not the body so to speak. Shut down the brain or overload it with stimulation and it will shut down and transition into survival mode. Or even worse; "Condition Black" (Fetal Position).

Any student of Neurology will tell you that the brain is connected to every part of the body and any effect on the body part will be simultaneously experienced within the brain. If we can directly effect the brain by attacking its "Distal Sensors" (Nerve Ganglions); then we have found a path to launch a counter attack directly against our opponent's brain. If we can attack the "Systems" of the body; the entire organism will fail in short order. A deeper study of this concept can be found below in our "SCT Theory" and within the Arts of Oriental Medicine; Acupuncture and Meridian Energy Medicine.

Brain Fighting (Yang) is how we prepare our brains for combat and to survive the brain transition known as "Fog of War." We develop "Wushin" (Chinese for 'No Mind') so that we can successfully work through the attack and bring it to a rapid conclusion. 

Brain Fighting (Yin) is how we strategize our attack against our opponent in an effort to overload and shut his brain down as quickly as possible. 

We additionally activate a different area of the brain that we refer to as "The Protective Mind."

The Protective Mind is the powerhouse within the brain and human spirit that can override excessive amounts of fear which can cause us either to "Flight or Freeze" as opposed to stand our ground and "Fight." The Protective Mind causes the Warrior Spirit to rise in us at a time when it is needed the most.

Dim Mak (Pressure Point Fighting and Chi Destruction) is what we use to efficiently target our strikes and to destabilize our opponent's attack posture and reverse him from an attacker to a defender (Predator to Prey). An "unexpected" paradigm shift to our opponent. Economy of Effort at its finest.

Dim Mak has also been refered to as the "Evil Twin Sister" to Acupuncure or "White Medicine vs. Black Medicine."

SCT Theory = The (3) phases of a counter attack which can either happen seperately or simultaneously:

  • Survive the Attack.
  • Control the Attack.
  • Terminate the Attack.

Quad Theory = If my opponent cannot:

  • Breathe.
  • See.
  • Stand.
  • Orient due to inner ear destabilization or excessive pain - he can no longer attack me.

Contained within the Surgical Strike System is also the Art of Holistic Healing.

Studying the above logo; one can clearly see a deadly snake within the palm of a white hand. The white hand represents Healing; while the snake represents Destruction. The concept represents that the same hand that heals can destroy as soon as the practitioner's intention changes.

Ecclesiastes (3) - "A time to Kill and a time to Heal."


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