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Bannon Institute of Combat Neuroscience
Integrating Mortal Combat with Martial, Healing, and Media Arts
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 Law Enforcement - Military - Special Operations


According to the FBI more than 20,000 law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty since America began. In 2016 alone; 57,180 officers were assaulted in the line of duty and 118 killed. The statistics for government and private military soldiers and contractors are even higher.

The Mortal Combat Special Operator Training Program
 was designed for like minded individuals who are referred to as the "One Percenters." These are people who have chosen high risk special operations and potential mortal combat as a profession and warrior lifestyle. The specialized training necessary to prepare a special operator for this type of work is intense, extremely aggressive and dangerous, but more importantly - it must be realistic for the world they will be operating in.

The Mortal Combat Special Operator Training Program offers some of the most high speed / low drag tactical team and individual, high altitude, empty hand, knife and aggressive firearms training available, in order to prepare a special operator for only one thing - MORTAL COMBAT.

The operator is then forced to function efficiently within a team and as an individual in both "post briefing" and "spontaneous" high stress scenarios.

The special operator is trained to completely understand how the human body, mindset and spirit functions under the severe stress of an attack or during prolonged combat and how to work through the "fog of war" and not be overcome by it.  

Whether your interest is to attain accurate technical advice for a Hollywood Production, or to survive Real Life Combat as a law enforcement officer, security officer, special or covert operator, protection specialist, private military contractor or active military soldier -  realistic, relevant and specialized survival training is paramount.

If you are seeking basic, advanced, or specialized training in any of these areas which would be considered above and beyond many mandatory law enforcement academy and military training programs, then what we offer should be of interest to you.

The Curriculum is Custom Tailored to any "Legally State Sponsored Mission" Whether it be CONUS or OCONUS. We DO NOT offer training to any subversive organizations or potential enemies of the state.

This program is not open to the general public, and verification of your employment and the need for this level of training will be strictly evaluated.

Please (contact) us for a free evaluation of your specific needs and pricing for training or services. 


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