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Bannon Institute of Combat Neuroscience
Integrating Mortal Combat with Martial, Healing, and Media Arts
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                      Actor Role Training

Character Study Development


Any actor knows that to successfully play a role and accurately portray the part that they have been selected for, they must conduct a certain amount of research and spend time with the real life characters that they are attempting to duplicate in a Motion Picture, TV Show or Play. This includes learning the mannerisms, verbiage, quirks, body language and movements of the people who actually live the life that the actor intends to replicate.


The Bannon Institute and its affiliates constantly recruit and maintain a network of professionals from many walks of life specifically for this type of service.

We use Neuroscience to economize how the human brain retains information and how it can be recalled at will.  

Please (contact) us for a free evaluation of your specific needs and pricing for training or services.