Bannon Institute of Combat Neuroscience
Integrating Mortal Combat with Martial, Healing, and Media Arts
                          Host a Seminar



  • Seminars, Workshops, Presentations and Clinics consisting of any Bannon Institute training programs are available for presentation at your school, institute, military base, government training center, police academy, or any other training venue of your choice.
  • Number of Students: Up to twenty (20) students per class (Government Exempt).
  • Hours of Instruction: Two (2) to eight (8) hours a day of instruction with reasonable breaks.
  • Total Investment: will vary depending on which programs are chosen plus all additional expenses and agreements as follows:
  • Round Trip Airfare: from Los Angeles, California; also to include hotel accommodations.
  • Payment: to be made in full to the Bannon Institute fourteen (14) days in advance of the training date with a guaranteed refund policy if training cannot be completed by the Bannon Institute.
  • Sponsorship Packet: release of liability waivers, student and venue information forms etc. must be returned to the Bannon Institute (14) days prior to the date of the seminar.
  • Flight Arrangements: can be made on any major airline or private corporate jet. These arrangements must be confirmed by our office before final arrangements are made.
  • Hotel Arrangements: to be made and paid for by the seminar host with a confirmation number forwarded to the Bannon Institute.
  • Transportation: to and from the hosting city airport, as well as to and from the seminar location by a seminar participant or school student is requested.
  • Advertisement: Any seminar promotional material including any form of multi media or advertisements must be pre-approved by the Bannon Institute Legal and Public Relations Departments before it is released to the public or the press. Please mail, fax, or email any of your proposed promotional material to the Bannon Institute. You will receive written authorization to use the promotional material or a request for redesign or alteration.
  • Video or Audio Recording Equipment: as well as photographs will not be permitted unless prior approval has been given.
  • Souvenir Merchandise: such as photographs, posters, t-shirts or any other item that resembles the likeness of the Bannon Institute; GM Joseph Bannon; Surgical Strike System™; any copyrighted terminology or trademark protected materials; or anything that resembles the likeness of the seminar shall not be produced, sold or given away without the expressed approval of the Bannon Institute Legal Department.
  • Interviews, Demonstrations or Private Lessons: are not to be scheduled for GM Bannon, any of his associates, or any guest instructors, performers or celebrities prior to, during or after the event.


  • Thank you for your respect and cooperation.