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Taoist Pa Gua Energy Healing


Taoism is defined by many scholars as "the oldest science of the study of life" to help people live a longer, happier, wiser and healthier, more productive life.

Taoists do not study nor practice the allopathic medical art of death and disease as is so commonly practiced here in the Western World albeit Western Medicine does serve a valuable benefit to the patient when disease has gone beyond the level of self treatment.

Taoist Healing focuses rather on the science of life and healing and the methods for maintaining them through various holistic, natural means such as "The Eight Pillars of Taoism:"  


Eight Pillars of Taoism


  1. The Tao of Philosophy: relates to the logic relative to how life unfolds and its ultimate destiny.

  2. The Tao of Revitalization: refers to a system of internal exercises that directs healing power (Chi, Ki, Prana, Life Force) to specific internal organs and glands.
  3. The Tao of Balanced Diet: refers to the two levels of diet to include "regular food" and "forgotten food" such as natural herbs.

  4. The Tao of Forgotten Food Diet: represents the supplementation of "stronger foods" such as herbal medicine and concentrated supplementation.

  5. The Tao of Healing Art: is applied moreso to heal others by adjusting, balancing and elevating or lowering the healing energies within the body.

  6. The Tao of Sex Wisdom: concerns itself with the use of sexual energy for improving the state of health while harmonizing relationships and increasing spiritual realization through the practice of appropriate sex.

  7. The Tao of Mastery: helps us to gain insight into ourselves and others with a focus on self mastery in all areas of life.

  8. The Tao of Success: assists us in identifying negative patterns within our everyday actions and to harmonize ourselves with Universal Law Principles to improve the overall quality of life.

Dr. Joseph Bannon has been a senior disciple / teacher at the Lau Kune Do Taoist Kung Fu Temple for the past 20 years where he also studied Oriental Medicine both in the United States and abroad. He is a licensed and ordained healer, educator and counselor of both the physical and behavioral theocentric, holistic healing arts (Chiropathy) which is regulated and overseen by the Commission on Religious Counseling and Healing of Saint Marks Seminary and College. He also received his post graduate Nutritional Medical certification which is accredited by the Government of the Philippines, Department of Education, Culture and Sports. Unfortunately this degree in Oriental and Nutritional Medicine Philosophy (NMD) is not recognized in the United States. 




Although Dr. Joseph Bannon studied Pre-Med Science in college as well as Emergency Medicine within a state accredited / regulated system of education, he is not a licensed allopathic medical doctor (MD) (the treatment of disease by conventional means, i.e., with drugs having opposite effects to the symptoms), nor is he licensed by the State of California Board of Medicine, nor State Board of Psychology.

He chose the path of a theocentric education and licensure from Saint Marks Seminary and College to respectfully avoid oversight regulation by a State Entity but never the less remaining within the confines of the state law of the land. He holds himself to be a teacher of health and not a practitioner of the disease based medical healing arts that involve testing, diagnosis, mitigation of disease symptoms nor treatment. His ultimate objective is to educate people on how to pursue health by creating a balanced, holistic health platform to assist the body, mind and spirit in self correction and healing. This is every man, woman and child's God Given right to be made whole and to pursue the knowledge of Holistic Health Options through sound education.

Any information on this site, nor seminars offered are intended to replace the care of a competent, licensed medical doctor or other licensed health care provider. The information presented on this site or presented by Dr. Bannon although extensively researched, are for educational purposes only and are not meant to address a person's specific medical issues. It is strongly recommended that a person seek a licensed health care provider for diagnosis and treatment of the issues of disease or before implementing any suggested natural remedies. 



Theocentric Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit


For a system of healing to be "complete," one must consider the intimate relationship between the integration of body, mind and spirit. We preach these terms and even memorize their virtues within the curriculum of martial arts schools but few really grasp the true significance of this triagram and the interrelationship between them. If the mind is affected, it is only a matter of time before the body and spirit are affected etc. If a hand is wearing a tight glove - can the hand move without moving the glove? No - they move as one. So it is with the (3) components or elements of our human organism. Spirit affects Mind; Mind Affects Body. Body Affects Mind; Mind Affects Spirit.

Both Physical and Behavioral Chiropathy are ancient theocentric (Sacred Knowledge Bible Based) forms of healing that were successfully used long before pharmeceutical drugs came on the scene, however, respectfully; they do have their place in modern Allopathic Medicine when disease progresses beyond the ability of self or naturalistic treatment.

Physical Chiropathy and Behavioral Chiropathy are both licensed and commission regulated Theocentric (Theologically Centered) forms of healing that aid a person in discovering that total wellness is dependent on the unification of Body, Mind and Spirit; and that each person is responsible for achieving and maintaining his/her own optimum level of wellness; and that such wellness is completely dependent on natural means and therapies; and that prevention and reversal of disease is well within the ability of each person.

Therefore, wellness is seen as the responsibility of the person - the doctor only assists in the journey.

  • Physical Chiropathy: identifies and removes the physical blockages to healing.
  • Behavioral Chiropathy: removes the mental, emotional and spiritual blockages to healing.

The doctor (Licensed Chiropath) only points the way towards total wellness by offering sound advice and education so that each person (Client) can make intelligent, informed decisions regarding the various factors influencing his or her total mental, physical and spiritual wellness. The biblical book of Hosea 4:6 states - "my people perish because of lack of knowledge," not a "lack of doctors or medicine." 

Acquiring sound knowledge is the first step towards getting or staying healthy. Wisdom is the ability to properly apply that knowledge. The Doctor of Chiropathy's main job is to present this knowledge to the person with the wisdom of how to apply it. "In all of your getting - get understanding."  Book of Proverbs.

Physical Chiropathy mostly concerns itself with the foods, nutrients, structure, physiological processes and biochemical levels that the physical body needs to survive, and the therapies are centered around hands on healing,  and basic guidance and education in how to care for the healthy state of one's body. 

Although Dr. Bannon holds a current practitioner's license (#1404) in the below healing modalities while maintaining mandatory annual CEU's; Bannon Institute does not offer the following services to the public, rather they are taught within an "educational only" platform though martial arts and other related seminars.

Commission Board Certified and Licensed Doctors of Chiropathy who practice in this capacity offer various physical therapies or techniques such as:

  • Healing Touch and Reflex Massage.
  • Meridian Stimulation Healing (MSH).
  • Allergy Elimination Technique.
  • Acupressure.
  • Applied Kinesiology.
  • Breathing Therapy (Chi Gung).
  • Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA).
  • Body Oriented Psychotherapy.
  • Meditation.
  • Imagery / Visualization.
  • Macrobiotics.
  • Enzyme Therapy.
  • Nutritional & MIcronutritional Education.
  • Anointing, Prayer and Spiritual Guidance.
  • Homeopathy.
  • Hygiene.
  • Audio-therapy (Sound Induction Therapy).
  • Bio-pH Balancing.
  • Vibrational Healing & Energy Medicine.
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Myofacial Release.
  • Herbal and Botanical Medicine
  • Bioenergetics (Cyber-Physiology) (Psycho-Somatic Illness).
  • Theocentric Microscopy.
  • Theocentric Ozone Hyperthermia.
  • Biofeedback.
  • Hypnotherapy.
  • Iridology or NAET.
  • Exercise and Fitness.
  • Tai Chi.

Behavioral Chiropathy concentrates more on the mental, emotional and spiritual balance of the "body temple" (total organism) with emphasis given to the human mind and behavior of the person. Instead of using various foods, nutrients and physical therapies; this licensed and commission regulated healing discipline uses several therapeutic forms of counseling and education of psycho-spiritual modalities in an effort to bring a peaceful balance to the inner person as a whole. The balancing of mind and spirit in harmony with the body is the ultimate objective of Behavioral Chiropathy. 

Assisting a person in identifying and removing suppressed blockages to healing in the emotions, thoughts and memories are necessary not only to the psyche, but also to achieve physical wholeness in the body. In many cases, the body is an expression of deeper core emotional and spiritual issues that must be resolved before true health and freedom can be fully experienced in the body. This factor cannot be overlooked nor taken lightly. 

It is true that "we are what we eat." But it is equally true that "we are what we think and feel."    

Commission Board Certified and Licensed Doctors of Chiropathy who serve in this capacity offer various Theocentric Psychological therapies or techniques such as:

  • Counseling.
  • Post Trauma Debriefing.
  • Personal Loss.
  • Behavioral Issues.
  • Inner Child Healing.
  • Chemical or Behavioral Addiction.
  • Phobias.
  • Stress Identification and Management.
  • Family and Marital Issues.
  • Self Perception Issues.
  • Mental De and Re Programming.
  • Any Other Issues Affecting Psychological & Physical Well-Being. 

Physical and Behavioral Chiropathy are healing art disciplines that are licensed, regulated and overseen by the Commission on Religious Counseling and Healing - Council on Chiropathy of the Orthodox Catholic Church. 

An educated and aware mind can make educated and aware choices. 

Please contact us for our pricing schedule relative to guest public speaking; hosting a seminar or workshop; and private consultations.


It is the policy of the Bannon Institute to always suggest seeking the advice and approval of a competently trained and licensed health care practitioner before implementing any suggestions made either personally, in writing, or through seminar format. The Bannon Institute does not practice Allopathic Medicine, diagnose disease, treat or mitigate symptoms. However, we reinforce the fact that every individual has the right to choose and take full responsibility for how they manage their own physical, mental and spiritual health.