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Bannon Institute of Combat Neuroscience
Integrating Mortal Combat with Martial, Healing, and Media Arts
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  Professional / Legal Disclaimer



Bannon Institute Incorporated is a licensed entity (S Corporation) under the Secretary of the State of California as a Professional, Research, Development, Consulting and Training Institute.

Bannon Institute does not practice any form of medicine nor psychology that would involve the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or amelioration of physical, psychological, emotional or mental disorders of individuals or groups as delineated within California Business and Professions Code Section 2903. "We do not treat disease - We teach health and train to protect."

Our objective is to empower people through the learning of both ancient and modern knowledge relative to martial arts; natural health; mortal combat; specialized military and law enforcement tactics in an effort to increase the survivability rate of any violent encounter; planned or spontaneous tactical mission.

The information contained within any material presented by Bannon Institute whether written, spoken or electronically produced; or produced in books / courses / DVDs / lectures / handouts or any other form of presentation or transmission; any and all parts of the Surgical Strike System™ or any other system sponsored by Bannon Institute Incorporated; or information verbally, mechanically, written, or presented or demonstrated at a training venue is only intended to be read; viewed; practiced or attended by persons over the age of (18) who are not convicted felons; nor have any other agenda besides a desire to protect themselves or their loved ones. This information is intended for law abiding, responsible and mature adults only.

The information contained within the pages of this written document; any and all parts of the Surgical Strike System™; as well as any additional attached or unattached handouts or other related materials; any related verbal presentations by Joseph Bannon Ph.D. or his assistants; or electronic presentation such as a power point, website, or other electronic or photographic medium is being presented as just that; "Information Only" and for "Academic Purposes."

Should you decide to use or put into practice any of the techniques or concepts presented; they must only be used in a lawful manner (which may include filming, demonstrating, teaching, or practicing with or without a partner) or in self defense or in defense of another person. These concepts and techniques are extremely dangerous and must be used and practiced responsibly. It is suggested to begin practice at a slow safe speed and gradually build speed and intensity as your proficiency increases. The objective is to use a great amount of caution while keeping all practice sessions and demonstrations as safe and injury free as possible. It is further suggested to wear appropriate protective gear (especially for the eyes) during practice or demonstration whenever possible. It is also suggested never to use real weapons nor sharp instruments during solo or partner practice or demonstration. These are what training weapons are made for. 

The information presented in both written and demonstrated physical form contains techniques that can result in permanent physical injury or death. The techniques presented within the Surgical Strike System™ were designed to hurt, stop, injure, cripple or kill a violent person who is attacking you or another person; so it becomes an essential issue that you use extreme caution and hold the safety of both you and a training partner as a top priority. This would include the use of sufficient protective gear and practicing at a safe, slow speed and distance; while avoiding any contact with any bodily areas that could become injured or damaged.

You are also strongly encouraged to consult with a licensed physician to establish the state of your health before attending a Surgical Strike System™ presentation, private or group training session, or before practicing any of the presented techniques or exercises even if just in written form.

By continuing to read this document or any other related attached or unattached material beyond this disclaimer; or by viewing any associated video materials or other forms of a presentation; you must agree to and acknowledge the following:

You are of legal age to read, observe or practice this material; or to attend any related presentation as defined by the jurisdiction that you are within while exposed to this material or presentation.

It is imperative that you use the appropriate protective gear and supervision when practicing any and all of the Surgical Strike System™; Dim Mak; or any other presented techniques.

It is suggested that you practice all techniques in a safe; controlled and courteous manner.

Regarding the specific techniques that were designed to cause death or great bodily injury; it is suggested that you will only practice these techniques under the direct supervision of a competent and certified martial arts instructor.

It is suggested that you do not teach these techniques to, nor perform them in front of minors or anyone else who may want to use them for any reason that may be unlawful, immoral or unethical. Furthermore, you will use the techniques presented in a lawful manner and you will assume full responsibility for researching and understanding the laws applicable to your use of these techniques established by the jurisdiction that you are within at the time.

Although extreme care will be taken to maintain the safety of all attendees at any training course; private training session or presentation; you fully assume the risk of any and all injuries sustained by you or anyone else exposed to or engaged in any of the techniques presented or contained within the Surgical Strike or any other presented system; and you further agree that Joseph Bannon Ph.D., The Bannon Institute Incorporated nor any of its subsidiaries, DBAs, host location owners or facilitators, officers, agents, instructors, guest presenters or assistants; assume no responsibility or liability regarding the safety of your training; post practice sessions or any consequences of your use of the learned material whether justified or unjustified.

GM Joseph Bannon; The Bannon Institute; its officers, agents, shareholders, directors, employees, assistants, guest instructors, or any other affiliated persons or entities assume no responsibility nor liability for any injury or damage caused by the use of any of the concepts or techniques presented whether during a presentation, training session or afterwards. This also includes but is not limited to injuries or damages sustained by a third party that is not a party to nor knowledgeable of this agreement. Furthermore, due to the many variables involved in a confrontation, there are no guarantees stated or implied regarding the effectiveness of any of the concepts or techniques presented. Our objective is to attempt to increase your chances of survival - not guarantee it.

It is further suggested that you do not instruct anyone on the techniques presented unless you are a certified martial arts instructor. In which case, while this is not an authorization nor license to teach the Surgical Strike System™ or Dim Mak Techniques, concepts, use of the trademarked names, logos, or philosophies; you assume any and all responsibility for such instruction. You further understand that you are not a representative, instructor or agent in any manner of Dr. Joseph Bannon or of the Bannon Institute. The Bannon Institute, its officers, agents, shareholders, directors, employees, assistants, instructors, guest instructors, and any affiliated persons or entities assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever. All of our training is for educational purposes only and comes with no ultimate guarantees. However - it is very likely that you will leave our training with much more knowledge, empowerment and insight that you had originally come with.


All Rights Reserved. Bannon Institute. Copyright © 2004