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                   Council of Masters


~ Advisory Board ~


The Council of Masters are honorary appointed masters of their art who act as the official advisory board for the Bannon Institute of Combat Neuroscience. The Council is comprised of some of the best, highly respected, most diversified, and achieved technical advisors; martial artists; government law enforcement agents; and Eastern / Western medical professionals in the world.


The Council oversees and contributes, updated information and techniques to the various martial arts, specialized combat, self-defense, and holistic health & healing programs presented by the Bannon Institute. This objective process maintains and assures that any and all information or techniques included in a training program that is represented by the Bannon Institute, are current, accurate, applicable, and effective both in the classroom, but more importantly......... in the Real World.


Grandmaster Joseph Bannon and the Bannon Institute as a whole are extremely humbled, honored and grateful to have such a diverse, professional and well achieved world class Council of Masters to act as its Advisory Board. 


"Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed." Proverbs 15:22



Honorable Members of the Council:


Supreme Grand Master Joseph F. Bannon Ph.D. – Dr. Bannon is the Founder; Chief Instructor and Chief Executive Officer of Bannon Institute Incorporated and the Surgical Strike Fighting System™. He holds the title of Supreme Grand Master and is ranked as a 10th degree black belt under the authority of the United States Martial Artist Association. He was inducted into the United States Martial Artist Hall of Fame in 2004 as "Grand Master of the Year," and awarded the Shaolin Dim Mak "Silver Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2005. In January of 2006 he was inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame for "Outstanding Contributions to the Martial Arts" as a Grand Master; and The London International Hall of Fame for "Excellence in the Martial Arts." In September 2006 he was voted "Kung Fu Instructor of the Year" at the Lau Kune Do Taoist Temple of Chinese Martial Arts. In July of 2007 he was again inducted into the United States Martial Artist Hall of Fame as "Supreme Grand Master of the Year." In January of 2008, he was again inducted to the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame as a Grand Master Ambassador to the Martial Arts. In July of 2008 he was presented the "International Director's Award" by the founder of the United States Martial Artist Association in Maryland. Named Honorary Member of Cambridge Who's Who 2009. USMAA "Pioneer of the Year" Award 2009 in recognition as co-founder with Master Rich Kluck of the mortal combat martial art known as TRIAD. 


Supreme Grand Master William A. Rankin Ph.D. – is the Founder and International Director of the United States Martial Artist Association which was founded in 1977. Dr. Rankin holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Martial Arts and is a highly decorated veteran of the Viet Nam War. Dr. Rankin began his martial arts training in South Vietnam as a member of the US Army in 1967. He joined the US Air Force in 1971 and was stationed in Okinawa where he met, trained under, and was eventually promoted to 9th Degree Black Belt and Hanshi by Supreme Master Yuichi Kuda of the Shorin-ryu Kobukan Karate System. This system became the 5th major Shorin-ryu family in the world. On March 1, 1999 The American Okinawan Karate-do Kobujitsu Association promoted him to 10th Degree Black Belt. Dr. Rankin holds several black belts in various other martial arts styles. He has competed all over the United States and Asia. His tournament wins have been 1st and 2nd place including the World Karate Championships where he took 1st place in Forms and Specialty and received the Grand Champion Trophy in the same field. In 1988 he was honored as "World Karate Grand Champion." He has trained several police Swat Teams in Maryland; North Dakota, California, New Mexico, Texas and Florida. Dr. Rankin holds countless honors, awards, recognitions and titles. He is a member of several accredited federations, associations and organizations, and has been inducted numerous times to several different martial arts halls of fame.


Supreme Grand Master John Ruberto, D.N., Dipl. M.Ac., H.H.P. (In Memorium) - is the founder of The White Dragon Society and the martial style of Jiutian Zhidao (A way to the ninth level of heaven). He also holds the degree of Doctor of Naprapathic Medicine and post graduate certifications in Naturopathic Medicine, Diplomat Medical Acupuncturist and Master Herbalist (Eastern and Western herbs). He has been inducted into United States Martial Artist Association International Hall of Fame as Grandmaster of the Year 2005, and Platinum Life Achievement award 2006.  World Head of Family Sokeship Grand Master Council’s International Hall of Fame as Grandmaster of the Year 2005; Golden Life Achievement award 2006, and Action Martial Arts Magazine’s Hall of Fame 2006 for Excellence in Contributions in Publishing. Dr. Ruberto holds black belts in multiple external styles and advanced studies in internal martial arts such as Tai Chi, Bagua, Chi Gong and Dim Mak. Dr. Ruberto also served in the United States Army Security Agency Special Ops serving two tours in Vietnam. As an ASA Special Forces Member, he was trained in special weapons and close combat, and later became a hand to hand combat instructor for the US Army. It is now Dr. Ruberto’s desire to teach balance, a gentle path and to promote healing through the arts of Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Manual Therapy.


Supreme Grand Master Raynaud de la Cruz Lozada – was born in the Hawaiian Islands in 1927 and is the cousin of the late world famous Escrima Grand Master Angel Cabales. In 1945 SGM Raynaud Lozada entered the United States Army and claimed a two time boxing championship title. During his military career, he fought in WWII, Korea and Viet Nam where he earned the rank of Sergeant Major and became a highly decorated combat veteran. During his travels, he trained in Japan and learned the art of Okinawa Te in 1954. In 1956, he trained under Master Masoyama who instructed him in the art of Kyoku Shinkai. In 1959, he went to Thailand and trained in Thai Boxing. He was formally introduced to the Chinese art of Kung Fu in Hong Kong in 1960 and completed extensive training in Chinatown. Under the collaboration of some of the world's great masters, Grand Master Lozada learned the Five Animal (Internal System) of Hung Gar as well as Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Southern and Northern Shaolin. He was finally trained in the arts of Shotoshainkai and Shotokan Karate under the direction of Sensei Takahashi where he earned his Judan (10th Degree Black Belt) and was bestowed the title and degree of “Grand Master” in Yokohama, Japan.  After extensive research and application in the combat arts, Grand Master Lozada founded his own system known as Kuochi Kali Kar. Kuochi = Kung Fu Internal System. Kali = Serrada Escrima. Kar = Shotokan Ryu Combat Karate. He is one of the very few persons in the world still living to ever have received the United States Martial Artist Association Hall of Fame “Platinum Lifetime Achievement Award” for being a founder, practitioner and teacher of the martial arts for more than 50 years. He still practices and teaches at the age of 91 years young.


Supreme Grand Master Paul R. Lozada - has been a student of the martial arts for the past 47 years, and a Master Instructor since 1979. He holds the ranks of 8th Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, 2nd Dan in Jiu Jutsu, Master of Hung Gar (5 Animal System), Instructor of Wing Chun, and Master of Escrima (Filipino Stick and Knife Fighting). He is a Master Instructor and police (close quarter) combat expert, as well as an 20 year veteran, detective, and one of the most highly decorated police officer s with the San Francisco Police Department in California. He has survived a countless number of street fights, as well as several armed gun and knife confrontations. He has authored two books relative to police baton and knife defense techniques. In 2001, he worked directly with Denzel Washington in his character development for the movie "Training Day" which won Denzel an Academy Award. Grand Master Lozada has also provided technical advice and choreography to many action movies directed by Film Director Antoine Fuqua.


Supreme Grandmaster Leonard Hollifield Ph.D. - has more than 40 years of martial arts teaching experience and is the president and founder of several martial arts and training institutions. As a published author of books and video series; he is considered one of the country's leading experts in hand to hand combat. During his military career, he served as the Chief Combat Instructor to the United States Army from 1987 - 1997 and was instrumental in rewriting the Army's Combat Manual (FM 21-150). As a highly decorated veteran of the Gulf War, he is credited with capturing the first Iraqi POW during Operation Desert Storm. He has been honored by top military leaders to include the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; General Colin Powell and Sergeant Major of the Army Richard Kidd. In March 2000, he was voted "Most Outstanding Self Defense Instructor" by the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He is the President and Founder of the Sikaron Karate Federation and holds 9th, 6th, 3rd and 2nd degree black belts in Karate, Hapkido and Judo. His first cousin is World Heavyweight Champion Evander Hollifield.


Grand Master and Dai Sifu Hing Woo Tsim - is the Founder and World Head of Style of the Lau Kune Do Temple and System of Chinese Kung Fu. Lau Kune Do is a hybrid martial art style consisting of Wing Chun (Crane), Hung Gar (Tiger), Tai Chi Chuan and Ba Gua Tai Chi. Sifu Tsim brought this style to the United States from China and began to teach it here in the United States in 1975 while studying for his masters degree in philosophy from the University of Massachusetts. Sifu Tsim's Wing Chun Teacher in China was (Sifu Leung Sheung) who was one of the first students under Wing Chun Master Yip Man. GM Bannon has been a disciple and senior instructor at the Temple under Sifu Tsim since the Chinese New Year of 2001.


Grand Master John Lopez – is the Founder and President of Survival Solutions and has developed the “Offensive Fighting Tactics” System of Street Combat – A straight forward Survival Art that he has personally taught to law enforcement officers and military personnel. He is a Full Instructor of the Science and Concepts of Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Fighting Arts under Guru Paul Vunak. A master instructor of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do; Guru of the Filipino art of Kali; Guru of the Indonesian Art of Penjak Silat; Third Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate; as well as Founder and Grand Master of Lopez Escrima.

Grand Master Bob Duggan - was the founder and head instructor of the Aspen Academy of Martial Arts. He was the first American to become a master under Joo Bong Lee in the Korean Martial Art of Hwa Rang Do. Hwa Rang Do was the art of the Korean Bodyguard several years before the Japanese Samurai came into existence. Grand Master Duggan founded Executive Security International (ESI) in Colorado in 1980. ESI became and still is to this day the number one intelligence based executive protection (bodyguard) school in the United States next to the United States Secret Service. Dr. Bannon is a 1990 graduate of ESI and has been a senior instructor there since 1994.


Doctor Donald M. Faber - is a retired Professor of Health & Physical Education at Harbor College. He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degree. Later he earned his Ph.D. in Kinesiology.  He has over forty years of teaching and coaching experience, with a specialty in gymnastics. His practice is limited exclusively to human movement, pertaining to improving the student’s conceptualization and enhancement of their neuromuscular performance. He is a former US Open Champion, National Colligate Champion, and (3) time winner of the Pacific Coast Conference Championship. He was chairman of the Technical Committee and President of the Gymnastics Officials Association of Southern California, as well as a member of the International Gymnastic Federation (FIG).


Special Agent Dale June- is a member of the United States Martial Artist Hall of Fame since 2005 and has been practicing martial arts for over fifty years. He has trained in Boxing, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun Kung Fu and various combined arts including self-defense and combative tactics as a military police officer, as well as a metropolitan city police officer. As a Secret Service Special Agent, he was assigned to the White House with the United States Secret Service Presidential Protection Division under Presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter. Dale was aboard the historic Airforce One flight the day President Richard Nixon resigned from office. Since leaving the Secret Service, he has traveled the world protecting VIPs, celebrities, political figures and high-ranking businessmen and royalty. He is a professor of Criminal Justice at several universities and has taught executive protection and self-defense seminars in the United States and Mexico.


Master James Manos, Jr. - won the Emmy Award for writing his “College” episode of HBO’s groundbreaking series, “The Sopranos.”  After two seasons as Consulting Producer on the FX series, “The Shield,” he went on to Create and Produce Showtime’s signature one-hour drama, “Dexter,” now entering its seventh season.  Recently, Mr. Manos wrote scripts for two independent films; “The Slow and Complete Decompensation of Jim Manos,” which is slated to star Michael C. Hall and Vera Farmiga and “The Misconception,” starring Lauren Velez, both of which he is slated to Direct this year. In 2011, he wrote a one hour pilot for the Starz Network and Academy Award winning Producer, Graham King.  He is currently writing a two-hour movie for HBO, a one-hour drama pilot for Showtime that Bryan Singer will direct, and will soon begin work on international 1-hour series for an independent French Television company.  In addition to the above, he is developing numerous other projects with his producing partner, Gerard Bocaccio. Mr. Manos produced the award-winning movie “The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom,” starring Holly Hunter and Beau Bridges, for HBO.  The movie was nominated for six Emmys and won three.  He also produced the critically acclaimed telefilms, “Apollo 11” and “The Ditchdigger’s Daughters.”


Master Zhang Hong Mei - was born in Beijing, China and began studying Wu Shu at the age of 9. She was selected over thousands of other children to join the Beijing Wu Shu Team where she and Jet Li trained together. She then went on to become one of China's most elite athletes. At China's National Games she captured gold medals in Ba-gua; sparring routines and the double straight sword. In recognition of her skills and dedication, she was selected to the Chinese National Team to compete in the 1st International Games held in Xian, China where she captured the gold medal in the Woman's Straight Sword Competition. To this day, her team is still considered as one of the best teams fielded by China. Master Zhang has traveled the world over as an ambassador, performing and teaching the art of Wu Shu and spreading Chinese culture. By invitation, she taught Wu Shu and Tai Ji at Yokohama and Tokyo, Japan. She has appeared on dozens of international magazine covers and has been featured numerous times in TV, films, videos and other media.


Master Phillip Wong - is the founder of Pacific Wu Shu and the Stanford University Wu Shu Club. He holds 13 National and International Grand Championships. He won the All Around Silver Medal at the 2nd International Wu Shu Games, second only to China. He was named, "Competitor of the Year" by Inside Kung Fu Magazine. His image and movements have been animated in several video games such as, Tekken I, II and III as the fighting character, Lei Wu Long. He has also been featured on a variety of magazine covers in the USA, China, Italy and Japan. In the film world, he has starred in films in Asia and choreographed feature films in the U.S.A.


Master John M. Lelis CPS – Punong Guro Lelis is the founder and head instructor of Lelis Kali and Watchful Eye Defensive Tactics. He has over a quarter century of experience in the martial arts having studied the combative arts of San Soo Kung Fu, Hung Gar Kung Fu, Filipino Martial Arts and Jeet Kune Do Concepts. Guro Lelis is a veteran of the U.S. Army’s Elite Military Intelligence INSCOM Unit in both the Middle East and Pacific Theaters. He is a 1992 graduate of Executive Security International. For close to a decade, Guro Lelis has dedicated thousands of hours to Specialized Law Enforcement as a Patrol Deputy. Guro Lelis has brought Edged Weapons training out of the dark ages and into the 21st Century by developing a unique program that concentrates on ingraining muscle memory and reflexive action. As part of this program, he has developed the Disposable Tactical Training Suit© which gives the student instant feedback on their edged weapon skills. Guro Lelis is dedicated to designing and developing innovative training programs specifically geared toward Law Enforcement, Personal Protection and Military Special Ops.


Master Steve Del Fierro - has devoted over 25 years to the study of the Martial Arts. He is a former Professional Muay Thai Kickboxer and Chief Instructor at VIP-MMA, coaching and training Professional Fighters for Mixed Martial Arts competition. During his competitive career he achieved Championship status earning 4 titles in various weight classes, winning one each via knockout, 3 of them in the 1st round. His drive to continually learn comes from his desire to become the best teacher he can be and one who truly understands the mindset of competition and survival. His success is not only limited to the ring as in November of 2007 he collaborated with Dr. Bannon in launching the progressive Street Survival Seminar Series, drawing on his own real life experience as a survivor of multiple street fighting confrontations to incorporate practical and proven Power Striking tactics into the program. In addition to his background in Muay Thai, he is a 4th degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo Fi Kuen under the direction of Grand Master Ted Sotelo.


Commissioner Morgan R. Gorrono - is the Retired President of the Civil Service Commission of the City and County of San Francisco, California. He oversees all of the activities of 40,000 City employees including the Police and Fire Departments, as well as the public transportation systems. Commissioner Gorrono has been an innovator over the years and has addressed issues that no one else before him had the courage to address. He was appointed by and remains a consultant to the Mayor of San Francisco. His management skills to oversee all of the employees of a City the size of San Francisco are difficult to find in one person.


Master Richard Kluck CPS – is a former senior instructor at Executive Security International specializing in Counter Surveillance, Protective Detail Movement as well as Tactical and Defensive Firearms Training. He is the Director of Security for an international magazine publishing firm as well as the CEO of The Fifth Profession – an executive protection company which founded “The Fifth T.R.I.A.D.” training program (Training Regime Incorporating Aggressive Disciplines) which is a progressive training program for like-minded and trained individuals seeking a multi-dimensional and serious approach to gun fighting tactics. He is certified by the Department of Public Safety, Standards and Training for instruction of SWAT teams within the State of Oregon whose mission is also to provide dignitary protection. A certified NRA Law Enforcement Shotgun and Handgun Instructor with over 25 years of experience as an instructor and practitioner of various weaponized and empty hand martial arts. Master Kluck has more than 25 years of experience in the executive protection field which includes high and low profile details, international witness protection, corporate and celebrity clients, working in conjunction with the US Marshals Service, US Secret Service, FBI, and several overseas agencies, as well as local law enforcement agencies. He has operated in Central America, London and Africa. Master Kluck is a six degree black belt in the art of Shin Tai Wushu and the Oregon State Director of the United States Martial Artist Association.


Master Joel Hodges CPS -holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelors degree in Professional Management from NSU. His 25 year career in Law Enforcement was primarily in Special Operations; 19 of those years on a SWAT Team and eventually as SWAT Team Commander. He retired at the rank of Lieutenant. He is an extremely accomplished shooter and was 8 times on the "Florida Governor’s 20" as one of the top law enforcement shooters in the State of Florida, and on the "President’s 100" as one of the Top 100 shooters in the United States. He held 2 national records in Practical Police Combat shooting sanctioned through the NRA and amassed more than 600 awards for his accomplishments in several shooting disciplines. He was the second law enforcement shooter to achieve the coveted Distinguished Police Shooter Award while participating in the Florida Police Combat League. As a SWAT Team leader, Master Hodges has an extensive background in teaching and developing practical tactics such as dealing with active shooters in large areas such as schools in the post Columbine era which are used today by other SWAT Teams. He is a graduate of Executive Security International where he is also a firearms instructor. Very few people today can claim the documented accomplishments, awards and certifications of Master Hodges.


Master Shari Futas CID – has a black belt in the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate. She is a partner and instructor in Bannon Institute’s E3 program for self-protection. As a Designer, She worked throughout the Middle East and Europe, for a large Architectural/Engineering firm before founding Futas Design Group, Inc. in 1994. In the USA, her firm was contracted by numerous Fortune 500 companies to provide strategic planning, revenue growth impacts, real estate evaluations/acquisitions, project budgeting, design and planning of new locations for corporations, non-profit’s, healthcare, government and manufacturing. To date, she has completed the design for over 3 million square feet of buildings and residences. Master Futas believes that to achieve peace in dwelling places, life, or physical well being, requires a balance in spirit, mind and body. That the spiritual principals of Martial Arts, Design, Healing, and Protection/Defense incorporate the vision that God sets before humanity - to unite creation with the Creator so that all things operate in unison for the good of all. She is a part time faculty member at California State University at Long Beach for the Design Dept. She is a California State Certified Interior Designer.


Master Gauri Brienda RYT - was born in New Delhi, India and raised in Sydney, Australia. She began her study of South Asian Arts & Healing by way of traditional East-Indian dance at the age of 9.  She is the third generation of Yoga Masters & Indigenous Healers. She holds an Eastern Masters Certification in Indian Classical Dance, Hatha Yoga, and Meditation. She holds Western certifications in Health/Wellness coaching, personal training, yoga, and traditional aerobics from the Yoga Alliance and AFAA (American Fitness & Aerobics Association). As a teacher, she is recognized for her unique blend of Ayurvedic nutritional knowledge within a realm of Western exercise principles.  Her curriculum is custom tailored to the needs of each client with consideration to professional and personal background.  Master Gauri is a wellness consultant, motivational speaker, trainer, and writer with over ten years of grass roots experience with clients in entertainment, international policy, business, and professional sports.  She is the recipient of a variety of public speaking and community activism awards.  In addition, she is involved in the film/tv and media art world as a performer, spokeswoman, and model.  She graduated top of her class from DePaul University, Chicago with a degree in Communications and a specialization in Human Development.


Master Anthony Morales – is founder and CEO of Victory in Performance Mixed Martial Arts (VIPMMA) Academy in Pleasanton California. VIPMMA is an elite mixed martial arts academy providing clients with specialized fitness and self-defense training. Master Anthony Morales has been involved in martial arts for more than 30 years training in a wide variety of disciplines such as Tae Kwon Do, Kajukenbo, Buk Sing Choy Lat Fut, Wing Chun, Kuochi Kali Kar, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, and Muay Thai. He has parlayed his success in martial arts into successful business endeavors. In addition, he is former owner of Manastorm Productions, a video production firm that produces commercials, film, television, documentaries, as well as martial arts instructional DVDs.  Master Morales is also co-owner of Anonymous Intelligence Resource, a private investigation firm that he formed with Grand Master Paul Lozada. 


Master Daniel Carr – Master Carr is the Founder and Chief Instructor of former Long Beach Kung Fu. Sifu Mark Cheng; columnist of “Legends of Kung Fu” for Black Belt Magazine refers to Master Carr, “As one of the true modern scholars of comprehensive martial arts knowledge in America today. He is a modern expert in the deeper ancient truths of Chinese as well as Thai Martial and Healing Arts, and Traditional Indian Yogic practices. He is an expert in the combative arts, healing practices, and applied movement sciences." Master Carr studied the arts of Kung Fu, Tai Chi Ch’uan, and Hsing Yi Ch’uan hand forms and weapons for 14 years under the famous Sifu Jack Man Wong. He has studied Yoga at Banaras University in India, and has trained in Muay Thai Fighting with top ranked pro Decha Petsin, and in Hawaii with Kham Nakradam. He trained intensively with Mr. Floyd Winter as assistant Olympic Wrestling Coach, in Greco-Roman Wrestling; and is a champion fighter in San Shou and Boxing tournaments. He has studied Thai Massage at the internationally famous “Wat Po” Temple in Thailand, as well as having designed a rehabilitative meditation program for the American Cancer Society for post-op cancer patients.


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