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Bannon Institute of Combat Neuroscience
Integrating Mortal Combat with Martial, Healing, and Media Arts
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Body – Mind – Spirit


"Few men are born brave; many become so through training and force of discipline"

Flavius Vegetius Renatus - Military Institutions of the Roman Empire, AD 378


Welcome to the Bannon Institute of Combat Neuroscience®; A Southern California Based Research, Development, Consulting and Training Corporation which develops customized training and educational curriculums for Military, Paramilitary, Law Enforcement, Tier One Security / Operator Teams, Corporate, and “other” Government Agencies that sponsor Specialized Training, Combat, Intelligence and Protection Based Missions.

The Bannon Institute offers complete technical advising and consultation for film, literary, and screenplay projects as well as actor role training, script review and scene choreography. Our technical advisors put the "Real in the Reel."

All programs are designed to positively impact and empower individuals or special operations groups, while providing bonifide technical accuracy and tactical superiority in an effort to increase the odds of success and survival to any High-Risk Military or Para-Military Operation; Executive Protection Team; Specialized Law Enforcement Mission; or Traditional Civilian Martial Arts Training and Self-Defense Program, while incorporating Scientifically Proven Neuroscience Concepts as the core built within all training programs.



"The Best Defense Against Evil, Violent Men"

~ Are ~

"Good Men Who Are Better Skilled At Violence"




"Ancient Tradition Demands That All Martial Arts Are To Be Respected"


"Modern Neuroscience Allows All Martial Arts To Be Perfected"





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