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Presidential Level Protection For Civilians


The Protective Mind Defense System is based on the Presidential Protection Theories of the United States Secret Service and other government protection agencies throughout the world. These same theories that are used to protect world leaders, work equally as well for a mother who is called to protect her child, or a husband called to protect his family should they be attacked in a grocery store parking lot. Concepts are concepts and they will work anywhere with whomsoever applies them.

It is superior to prevent a confrontation whenever possible, maintaining situational awareness and avoidance at all times, but when attacked - the counter attack must be swift, efficient and powerful. A smaller and weaker person must have the ability to defeat a stronger and larger person. A woman must defeat a man, and a child must defeat an adult. Is this possible and can it be possible "most of the time"? The answer is most definitely, YES !!!

The "PEC" Theory:

  1. (P)revent - Always be aware of our surroundings and prevent or avoid an attack whenever possible.
  2. (E)scape - If the attack is imminent and you can escape before contact is made - Escape Rapidly and Tactically.
  3. (C)reate an Escape - if the attack has already occurred and contact has been made - Create an Escape by devastating the attacker with overwhelming pain, distraction, debilitation and confusion.

The Protective Mind Program is a culmination of itself, the Surgical Strike Systemof Shaolin Dim Mak Gung Fu, and the Brain Fighting Systemof Combat, all founded and created exclusively by GM Bannon as a powerful three part program of defense and survival of one's self and their loved ones.

The Bible talks about the relationship between "Faith" and "Works" and that "Faith without Works is dead." We need to have faith in our abilities to win (survive) an attack, and we also need effective works (techniques) to apply to stop the attack as quickly and efficiently as possible. So many people spend countless hours conditioning their bodies at the gym or studying at a martial arts school. They memorize kata forms and techniques that seem to make sense and work at the time. But they fail to condition their minds to respond correctly and to do what is necessary to survive the physical attack. An unconditioned mind cannot keep up with a conditioned body during combat. When our brain fails due to excessive panic or fear - so does the body; and thusly - so do the memorized martial art techniques.

Two of the main reasons why many people succumb to an attack or to the demands of an attacker; is not what is happening so much to us physically, but much more so what is happening inside of us "mentally."

The main (3) options that the brain has to choose from when attacked are well known as "Fight - Flight or Freeze."

  1. The "Fight" option is good, but only if you know how to fight.
  2. The "Flight" or "Run" option is good, but only if you are fast enough and there is a nearby safe place to run to, and assuming you have no small children to leave behind.
  3. The "Freeze" option usually never has a happy ending because this is where the brain runs out of options and basically shuts down. Chances of survival while experiencing this option are minimal to zero at best. This is referred to as "Brain Condition Black."

There are many factors that contribute to this "Freeze" option and they are discussed in great detail in our "Brain Fighting" training classes. These "Freeze Prevention" concepts are also ingrained within "The Protective Mind" training program.

GM Bannon presents in his teachings a part of the brain that when conditioned with only a few memorized words and mental images will cause a circuitry change in the brain and within 0.12 seconds access a different neural pathway leading to a part of the brain known for its fierce aggression, dominance and the will to survive at all costs. Once this part of the brain has been activated and the person being attacked applies some very simple but effective striking techniques - the attack now becomes terminated and the person who was the "attackee" has now become the "attacker." This is known as the "Predator to Prey / Prey to Predator" Theory.  

We do not necessarily study the art of "Self Defense." We study the art of "Counter Attack" and NO - they are not nearly the same art. The use of the term "Self Defense" is only used in this text based on its familiarity to mainstream society. We call our "counter attack" based art, the "Surgical Strike System of Shaolin Dim Mak - Gung Fu, or simply - the "Surgical Strike System."

"Brain Fighting"is the mental and spiritual component of The Protective MindProgram while the "Surgical Strike Systemis the physical component of the Program. All three of these Triagrams working together, tremendously increase our chances of overcoming a spontaneous, unexpected and certainly an "unwanted" attack.

The Protective Mindalong with the cerebral conditioning concepts of Brain Fighting,™ and the extremely effective striking techniques learned in the Surgical Strike Systemare all presented together in a three in one training program referred to simply as The Protective Mind

The Protective MindTraining Program is usually taught in seminar format and is open to all men, women and children (accompanied with an adult).

No martial arts background or strength training is necessary to gain the extreme survival empowerment that this course has to offer.

If these concepts work effectively to protect the president of a country - they will work equally as well in protecting your family and loved ones.


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