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Shin Tai Wushu
Modern Combat


Xian Dai De Wushu or more easily pronounced in a western tongue - "Shin Tai Wushu" translates to the "Art of Modern Combat." Shin Tai Wushu was Founded by Grandmaster Paul Lozada and Dr. Joseph Bannon in an effort to blend the traditional fighting arts with the more technologically modernized combat arts such as those practiced in the professions of law enforcement; special / covert government operations; military; specialized security and executive protection.

It is understood that most if not all modern combative arts are rooted in the ancient traditional arts but over the centuries - although many concepts remain the same - technology and weaponry has certainly evolved to where it is now. The art of the Samurai is now in many cases more practically viewed as the art of Executive Protection. The art of Ninjutsu now has a more current and practical application known as Special / Black or Covert Operations as practiced in the military and special government sector.

In order to preserve and honor the ancient aspects of certain traditional martial arts that have technologically evolved over the centuries - we present the martial art of Shin Tai Wushu to honor the old but also embrace and give credit to the new.

The art of Shin Tai Wushu is certified under the lineage and authority of both the Bannon Institute and the United States Martial Artist Association as a standardized, sanctioned martial art.