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~ The Meaning of Our Surgical Strike System Logo ~ 



  • “Ancient Shaolin Wisdom coupled with Modern Medical Science” is the phrase which describes the knowledge of the old world (Yin) pairing up with the knowledge and technology of the new world (Yang) and that both together are better than either one by itself. Albert Einstein said, "science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind." The same stands true with the martial arts. Martial arts were originally designed to be a "Lifestyle" and "Holistic" in nature, while cooperating with the laws of physics.
  • The black background that these words are written on represents the darkness or secrecy of this highly protected knowledge over many centuries that were only passed down from ancient family to family. The red outer circles represent the blood that was shed over the years by the families and clans who were protecting the essence of these secrets both relative to mortal combat and healing. They gave their lives to protect themselves, their loved ones, this secret knowledge, their martial and healing arts, and their beliefs.
  • The gold inner circle or disc represents the sun and the Chi energy of the universe. Some call “Chi” the Holy or Creative Spirit of God or of the Universe. This is the life-force that permeates every living being on this planet. Healing restores the balance of Chi causing life. Dim Mak or Destruction imbalances the Chi and causes injury or death. But the same energy is used to accomplish either end point – it is only the intent of the practitioner's mind and hand at the time that is different.
  • The “Surgical Strike System” of Shaolin Dim Mak – Gung Fu™ is predicated upon the ancient martial arts principle of Economy of Effort. The practitioners of the arts taught at the Shaolin Temple (495 AD) referred to this concept as “One Hit – One Kill” or “One Hit – One Knockout” utilizing medical and scientific concepts to facilitate immediate overwhelming destruction and incapacitation in the body, mind and spirit of their opponent. The martial art of Dim Mak also referred to as “Death Touch” focuses on attacking the most vulnerable and devastating acupuncture points and vulnerable locations on the human body. The word Gung Fu is more correctly pronounced in the Chinese language with the English "G" rather than the familiar "K" sound.
  • The Chinese character located over the thumb means “poison.” The other Chinese character located underneath the small finger translates to the word “hand.” Both together present the concept of "Poison Hand" which is an ancient Chinese concept used historically only within the most lethal of all the martial arts. The original intent of the martial arts was to maim, cripple, kill and destroy. We do have to consider its righteous application in our current litigious modern times however.
  • The morphing of the venomous snake from within the "white light" healing hand represents the Yin - Yang concept of - “the same hand that heals one person will kill another” depending on the intent of the practitioner and the environmental need of the situation at the time.