Bannon Institute of Combat Neuroscience
Integrating Mortal Combat with Medical, Martial and Media Arts
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"The Best Defense Against Evil, Violent Men"

~ Are ~

"Good Men Who Are Better Skilled At Violence"




"Ancient Tradition Demands That All Martial Arts Are To Be Respected"


"Modern Neuroscience Allows All Martial Arts To Be Perfected"





Dear Prospective Martial Arts Student, Writer, Film Producer, Actor or Seminar Host,



Welcome to the Bannon Institute of Combat Neuroscience® where Oriental Medical Philosophy, Combat Neuroscience, Media Arts, and the Martial Arts are integrated  as one. 


The Bannon Institute is a Southern California based Professional Research, Development, Consulting, and Training Corporation which develops customized training and educational curriculum, as well as film and literary specific technical advising for Hollywood Production Companies as well as Military, Paramilitary, Law Enforcement and other Government Organizations that sponsor specialized training, combat and protection missions.


All programs are designed to positively impact and empower individuals or groups. The Institute provides bonifide technical accuracy and tactical superiority in an effort to increase the odds of success and survival to any high risk military or para-military operation; executive protection team; specialized law enforcement mission; or traditional civilian martial arts training and self defense program.



The Institute's Primary Mission ~



What We Do ~ Empower and Train people to protect themselves, their mission, and their loved ones; as well as to protect the integrity and realistic accuracy of film and literary projects.


Martial and Specialized Combat Arts ~ 



The Institute is sanctioned by the United States Martial Artist Association (USMAA) as an officially recognized martial arts advanced training academy with the authority to grant rank, certifications, colored belts or sashes to any of its domestic or international students. These USMAA approved ranks and certifications are recognized anywhere in the world. All combative, defensive and survival programs are based on the concepts used in Secret Service Presidential Protection Philosophy such as "Situational Awareness" and "Conflict Avoidance." When a physical confrontation is absolutely unavoidable; the Chinese Medical Based Martial Art Concepts of Dim Mak (Violent Pressure Point Fighting) become the basis of all of our training programs. The intent is to terminate an attack as quickly as possible while expending the least amount of effort; also known as ("Economy of Motion"). 



Media, Consulting and Technical Arts ~ 

The Bannon Institute offers complete technical advising and consultation for film, literary, and screenplay projects as well as actor role training, script review and scene choreography. Our technical advisors put the "Real in the Reel." 


History ~



The Bannon Institute was founded as a California S Corporation in 2004 by Grandmaster Joseph F. Bannon Ph.D. who is a (14) Time United States Martial Artist Hall of Fame; International Hall of Fame; and American Police Hall of Fame Inductee, who's vision was to reclaim the original essence and effectiveness of the ancient martial arts that in some cases, have been diluted and taught incorrectly over many centuries. Most martial arts movements and mindsets have hidden meanings and subtle nuances that are rarely understood by the western world. These hidden meanings and mindsets are the true power and effectiveness behind any successful striking technique or counter attack response.



Grandmaster Joseph F. Bannon is the Founder and CEO of the Bannon Institute. He  holds the rank of Shidan (10th Degree Black Belt) and is certified by the United States Martial Artist Association (USMAA) Board of Elders as a Sijo (Head of Style) and a Martial Arts Supreme Grandmaster; as well as the USMAA International Director of Chinese Martial Arts.  



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