Bannon Institute of Combat Neuroscience
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                  About the Founder


 Joseph F. Bannon Ph.D., CPS, CSO

Government Special Agent - (Retired) 

10th Degree Black Belt

USMAA Certified

Grand Master



Grandmaster (GM) Bannon is currently the Director of Security and Fire Life Safety for a major corporation in Downtown Los Angeles and is responsible for the safety and well being of more than ten thousand people on any given day. He is the former Senior Vice President of Operations and Executive Protection Training for The World Protection Group in Beverly Hills, California.

(GM) Bannon is an internationally recognized "Certified Personal Protection Specialist / Expert" (CPS), and "Special Operations Expert" (CSO), and has been a Senior Instructor at Executive Security International (ESI) in Grand Junction, Colorado since 1994 which contracted through the Bannon Institute. 

ESI is the number one and oldest "intelligence based" executive protection and protective intelligence operations academy in the world, next to the United States Secret Service and Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service.

ESI is accredited by the Colorado Office of Veterans Education and Training (COVET) and The State of Colorado Board of Education, and is approved for current and retired enlisted soldiers, as well as non commissioned and commissioned officers to earn their credentials as security intelligence agents, special operators, and protection specialists. Upon successful graduation, they either remain in the military, or transition into some other paramilitary organization, government agency or corporate security setting. ESI has been referred to in major international magazines and media shows as, "The Harvard of All Bodyguard Schools" and "The Standard for the Protection Industry."

At ESI GM Bannon teaches the following certification and credentialed course curriculums ~

  • Certified Protection Specialist (CPS).
  • Covert Intelligence Agent Operations. 
  • Combat Firearms and Defensive Tactics.
  • Certified Special Operations (CSO) Agent.
  • Protective Service Detail (PSD) Operations.
  • Private Military Contractor (PMC) Operations.
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Operations.
  • Psychology of Combat / Psycho-Physical Warfare Training.

As an instructor at ESI since 1994, and as a Class of 1990 ESI graduate himself; he has taught Government Agents, SWAT Officers, Special Operators, Presidential Level Bodyguards, Private Military Contractors, Navy SEALs, Army Delta and Special Forces, Marine Force Recon and several other individual students, specialized teams and agencies from around the world in the arts of Mortal Combat (Gun / Knife Fighting); Protective Details, Hand to Hand Combat, Motorcade Operations, Small Team Operations, Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, Intelligence and Covert Operations, as well as other high risk martial and protection arts.

(Executive Security International)

Based on GM Bannon's extensive experience and education in the Personal Protection Industry, Specialized Law Enforcement, and as a Traditional Martial Artist since the age of five; he founded the Bannon Institute in an effort to empower people of all walks of life to learn how to effectively protect themselves and their loved ones to survive against a violent attack. The concepts he teaches at the Bannon Institute are based on the same principles taught at ESI and used by the Department of State ~ Diplomatic Security Service, as well as The United States Secret Service to protect the President and other high level officials.

In 2013 he was the Character Study and Secret Service Technical Advisor to the movie, "Olympus Has Fallen" starring Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett.  

He holds two academic degrees in Health Science and Psychology with specialization in Holistic Healing, Theocentric Clinical Psychology, Combat Neuropsychology, Theology, Addiction Disorders, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Counseling and Debriefing.

He formally studied Oriental Medical Philosophy domestically and abroad as it relates to both healing and the martial arts. He was further certified in Addiction Counseling, Psychological Debriefing, and Post Trauma Intervention at Cornell University, The State University of New York, RBC, and California State University. He received his teaching credential certification from Golden West College in Southern California. 

His studies lead him in the research fields of Clinical Counseling and Behavioral Science with a specific emphasis on Combat Psychology, Brain Anatomy, Physio-Psychology and the Limbic System's role during the stress of Mortal Combat.
He completed his Emergency Medical, Behavioral Science, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Intervention Counseling Internship at Doctors Hospital and the Nassau County Medical Center in New York; The Freeport Office of Employee Assistance and Counseling; The California Behavioral Science Institute; and (12) years collateral duty and in service training with the San Francisco Police Department - Behavioral Science Unit (BSU). 
For several years, GM Bannon has integrated the Martial Arts with the Medical Arts in his teachings which led him to the development of the following cutting edge combat training programs which paved the way for his induction into the United States Martial Artist Hall of Fame as "Pioneer of the Year" in 2009 for advancing the martial arts in general to a more highly effective and scientifically based level and practical understanding:


  • Brain Fighting™
  • The Protective Mind
  • Psycho - Physical Warfare Training™
  • Surgical Strike System of Shaolin Dim Mak - Gung Fu™
  • TRIAD - Training Regime Incorporating Aggressive Disciplines
  • Mortal Combat - Special Operator High Risk Military / Para - Military Training™ 

As a Highly Accomplished and Decorated Veteran Law Enforcement Officer ~

He is a retired Special Agent and Intelligence Officer with the Office of the Attorney General - Criminal Intelligence Bureau - Anti Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles, California; as well as Tactical and CAT Team Commander for the Attorney General's Protection Detail. He was formerly assigned as an Allied Agency Task Force Agent Counterpart to the United States Secret Service Protective Intelligence and Close Quarter Presidential Protection Details during the Administrations of Presidents Clinton and Bush Jr.

During his (25) year career as a San Francisco Police Officer / Sergeant, and Specialized Government Law Enforcement and Protection Agent; he has been  assigned as a fusion task force agent with the DEA, Military Intelligence, US Marshal's Service (America's Most Wanted Fugitive Detail in Los Angeles), The Secret Service, Department of State, and FBI Witness Protection Program.

He is a current member in good standing with:

  • The National Academy of Neuropsychology (NAN).
  • The Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO).
  • Leading Physicians of the World as "Top Combat Psychologist in California." 


As a Martial Arts Grand Master

He is a former student and course graduate of the Golden Lion Academy of Dim Mak - Gung Fu in Australia where he  traveled to and studied Chinese Medicine and Dim Mak Gung Fu under Grandmaster / Dr. Tsui Po.... GM Bannon was also a senior instructor / disciple at the Lau Kune Do Taoist Temple of Chinese Gung Fu in Southern California directly under Founder and Grandmaster Hing Woo Tsim.

Between the ages of (5) and (16) he studied Military Based Martial Arts under his father who was the commanding officer of a combative tactics unit in the US Army during WWll. In 1986 he was adopted into a traditional Asian Family martial art style where at his 51st birthday he was promoted to the rank of Grandmaster by the founder of this family style. GM Bannon then left to develop his own style of "Modern Combat" based on his own life experience and more modern Secret Service Related Techniques paired with Traditional Chinese and Filipino Martial Lineage and Values which he teaches at the Bannon Institute.

He is the USMAA International Director of Chinese Martial Arts and currently holds the rank of "Judan" (10th Degree Black Belt) under the United States Martial Artist Association Board of Elders, as well as a (14) time inductee into the following Martial Artist, Professional, and Law Enforcement Halls of Fame:


•    Cambridge Who's Who (2009).

•    The American Police Hall of Fame (2007).

•    Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame (2005), (2007).

•    The London - International Martial Arts Hall of Fame (2006).

•    The United States Martial Artist Hall of Fame (04)(05)(07)(08)(09)(10)(15)(16)(17). 


As the Chief Defensive Tactics Instructor

For the Department of Justice in Los Angeles; he was directly responsible for the tactical training and program development for all special agents assigned to Southern California, as well as the new recruit agents attending the Department of Justice - Special Agent Academy at Beale Air Force Base. During this time he developed the revolutionary martial art concept of Brain Fighting™ currently referred to as (Combat Neuroscience) which is a Chinese Medicine, Physiological and Psychologically based fighting technique used to shut down an attacker's brain by striking distal neurological access points on his body which in turn causes a positive feedback loop to occur in the brain - thus overloading the brain systems and terminating the attack and the attacker's ability to fight.

Further details relative to GM Bannon's certifications, college transcripts, or specific government assignments are available upon a "specific need to know" request through the Institute or the specific government agency concerned.

Any potential client or seminar host of the Bannon Institute has the legal right to request and examine all relative documents, certifications and lineage relative to GM Bannon's background.


Council of Masters ~

The projects promoted by The Bannon Institute are overseen by a corporate advisory board of distinguished experts referred to as The Council of Masters.

The Council oversees and contributes updated information and techniques to the various martial arts, specialized combat, self-defense, technical advising, and holistic health and healing programs presented by the Bannon Institute. This objective process maintains and assures that any and all information or techniques included in a training program that is represented by the Bannon Institute are current, accurate, applicable, and effective both in the classroom, but more importantly.......... in the Real World.

Please refer to the Council of Masterspage for a biographical presentation of The Council.

Thank you again for your interest in the Bannon Institute.

Sincerely Yours in the Healing and Martial Arts,


Grandmaster Joseph F. Bannon

Founder and CEO


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